We're on the bus
Already late
Thanks to the traffic for making us wait.

ICS full of so many things,
Turing, web design, and lots of strings.

Hardware elements so many to name,
internet and the Internet are not the same.

POP, gopher, data protocols too.

HTML and CSS always need to be correct.
Validators are our best friends;
Making sure our codes work in the end.

Parts of programming construction:
Coding, compiling, and execution.

Computers started with the difference machine.
Look how much they've changed from what we've seen.

Ada Lovelace's birthday is coming up.
See in ICS, we've learned a lot of stuff

% Now for Pirathapan's rap XD

I looked at these things with all my homies,
They turned out to be a computer property.
We need technology or we are nobody.
You don't need tech? Well you're funny(?)

Then we realized Charles Babbage was a savage(?)
Computers used to be made of millions of tubes,
Now you can get them smaller than an icecube.
The difference machine was made in England,
Now you can get technology everywhere,
Even in Finland.

% If you helped create the last part, can you please check if it's right since I'm not completely sure. Thanks!