1. Ensure that you know both your bus number and supervising teacher.
  2. On conference day, present yourself to the front foyer no later than 09h00 for attendance. Our buses are scheduled to arrive at 09h15—or earlier if circumstances permit. Attend your period-1 (block-B) class until the end of the morning announcements.
  3. We will board the buses as soon as they arrive and we won't hold any buses for any students. We'll depart whether or not you're on-board.
  4. There are no checking facilities at the conference venue, so please leave your knapsacks, etc, in your lockers. Travel light!
  5. Our return buses are scheduled to depart the conference venue at 13h30. It's a long walk home from Mississauga, so ensure you're at the departure marshalling point with time to spare before 13h30.
  6. Upon return to school, quietly go to your period-4 (block-C) class.

Inspiring Tech Careers Conference Agenda
14 November 2016

09h15-10h00: Pre-event busing logistics & Registration
09h30-10h00: Pre-Conference Interactive Activity led by Glenforest STEM students
10h15-11h30: TED-style Keynote Presentations (4 speakers)
11h30-13h30: Free Lunch and Tech Career Fair
13h30: Closing of Event & Bus Pickup

The speaker list is posted at http://itactalent.ca/careermash-speakers/