Here's the support request I sent to Dropbox on 2013-02-05:

I'm a high-school computer-studies teacher. Each semester, all of my ~100 new students create and use Dropboxes to implement our prescribed Backup Strategy ( and to create websites within their Public Folders. (Linking to index.html within a Public Folder provides access to a student's entire site via relative links within the index page.)

But Dropboxes created since 2013-02-01, for the current semester, do not have Public Folders.

I have read both and,
but I have been unable to find an answer to the above-captioned question: "how to enable the Public Folder for new users?".

Of course, I have read, but the resulting link to an individual HTML file will not support relative links within that file.
The loss of the legacy Public Folder behaviour is significant for us: I do not know how we will recover.

Your prompt reply will be most appreciated. Thank you.

And here's the solution, courtesy of our own Angela Du: